Security Solutions for BUSINESSES IN BAY AREA

A person is pressing the button on a door.

Access Control

An access control system is installed for securing and managing the entry and exit points to any space.

A person holding an open tablet in their hands.

Video Surveillance

A video surveillance system is specified for securing a site through multiple high-resolution, IP-based cameras strategically positioned around and throughout the property.

A man in an orange vest and hard hat working on the wall.


Forgetting to lock up doesn’t have to mean that your home is vulnerable. A smart home security system sends an actionable alert to your smartphone if you leave an entrance unsecured.

A brick wall with a black and white phone on it

Intercom Entrance

The intercom system acts as a valuable form of surveillance. Better than any chain or peephole, these devices activate when the outdoor doorbell rings so, you can speak or even see a guest.